1963: Wow, Mom!

So the first few menus were either not really sketched out at all (“Mom’s birthday – chicken”) or just barely so (“ham, angel food & ice cream”).

But 1963 starts off with an awesome, multi-course menu.


Bob & Mary Ann
Dick & Dorothy (Dad’s two brothers and their wives)

Cheese log, crackers
Crown roast pork
McCall’s stuffing (O.K.)
orange-candied yams
green bean casserole
tossed salad
relishes, rolls

baked Alaska (Baked! Alaska!!)
Rose’ wine

I’m not sure what to be more surprised about: the Sherry with the appetizers, the crown roast of pork, or the baked Alaska.

That is a beautiful dinner party menu. With three little kids under age 5, and possibly expecting her fourth (not sure what month this party was held), Mom served a lovely, pull-out-all-the-stops dinner to her brothers-in-law and their wives.

It seems to me that I never really knew my parents. By the time I was relating to them as adults, and as friends, they were no longer the 30-somethings they were in the 1960s, young and beautiful, full of energy, with friends and a social life, building a life together and raising their young family.

I imagine this is true of most of us: we don’t really see our parents except through the narrow viewfinder of our own, self-centered lives as their children.

More’s the pity.

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