1966: Supper Club and childhood memories

My parents were part of a “supper club” with three other couples. They were all long-time friends, and they’d take turns hosting dinner at their houses for the group.

I was fascinated by the whole thing.  When my parents hosted, of course we four kids were sent to bed early, but I would hide out on the landing of the stairs and listen. I’d hear the women in their high heels click-clacking on the linoleum in the hallway between the dining room and the kitchen, hear the talking and the laughing, the sound of  dishes being served and plates being cleared. The whole thing was just so mysterious to me. I think by listening, so quietly and intently, I was trying to understand something about the world of adults.

So now I have a menu from one of those dinner parties. I was about to turn 8 years old in January of 1966; maybe this was one of the nights where I was camped out at the top of the steps, listening.

Jan. supper club

crackers & dip
nuts, candy
drinks, Philippine beer
barbecued hamburger on buns
chips, relishes
Ozark pudding

Not a fancy menu, but comfortable and easy and I can imagine them having a nice evening together. Philippine beer? Hmmm. And Ozark pudding – this (poorly edited) Wiki page describes it briefly.  Might have been this recipe, a favorite of Harry Truman’s.

Mom also was part of a bridge club, but as she told me in later years, she finally dropped out because she just wasn’t much of a bridge player.

Feb. bridge club

strawberry angel food whipped cream torte

And that’s it. So was it just a dessert and coffee club? Or did other people bring dishes too? Don’t know.


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