1967: A November dinner party, and Christmas

That year, Thanksgiving was hosted at my Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary Ann’s house. However, Mom and Dad hosted some relatives for a non-Thanksgiving dinner that month:

Pat Ennis Sandstrum and David, Grandma (Mueller) and Catherine (Ennis).
– pork tenderloin casserole
lemon cake pudding

There is that darn pork tenderloin casserole again! This must be the, what, fourth reference to it? 

It must have been delicious since she made it so often.

Sure wish I could find the recipe for it.

I did a little searching and found this. It seems like something Mom might have made. It included canned mushrooms, which she used quite frequently, and doesn’t include cheese or sour cream (as some other versions did), which she almost never used.

For Christmas that year, the only guests were my Mom’s mother and sister. The menu was so traditional that Mom just wrote:

-turkey & dressing
-baked sweet potatoes and mashed whites
Mother brought pumpkin, mince, and apple pies.

And that brings us to the end of 1967’s entertaining.

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