1967: Easter dinner and a casual summer party

In early 1967, Mom had four children, ages 9, 7-1/2, 5-1/2, and 2-1/2. So, in addition to the dinner parties and holiday meals, she also had four kids’ birthdays plus her husband’s on December 23. (There’s a story that goes with that, but I’m not posting it here – so kids, if you read this and are curious, you’re gonna have to ask me.)

As we know from the previous post, Mom hosted supper club on March 11, and shortly afterwards had Easter dinner on March 26 for her mother, her sister, her brother and his wife (Dolores), and Dolores’s mother.

Our menu:

ham with raisin sauce
glazed sweet potatoes
mashed potatoes
cauliflower, carrots, and green beans
jello with cream cheese – Mother
egg cake and petits fours – Dolores

I wish I knew what she meant by “egg cake”. But I do know about raisin sauce; it was a recipe from my Dad’s mother, Regina Ennis Mueller – very similar to this one – and I think Dad liked it – thus it was often found on our holiday table. I made it once or twice but nobody in my family much cared for the sauce or the ham served under it.

Next up, the casual dinner party.
It was July 23, with the guest list including Uncle Ray Ennis, his daughters Eileen and Monica, and Grandma (Ray’s sister).

And once again we have ham. But, since this is a more casual menu, no raisin sauce. I’m guessing we might even have eaten outside, on the wooden picnic table, with maybe the folding aluminum table set up out there, too.

potato chips
angel food cake
ice cream and fresh raspberries

In later years, Mom had raspberry bushes in the backyard, but I don’t think she’d had those as early as 1967.

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