1967: A St. Patrick’s Day menu for the Supper Club

The notes from 1967 continued, on a strip of paper that once had been a mimeographed letter home from school (“Dear Parents, On May 5, 6, and 7, from 9:15 – 10:15 am…” – but that’s all that’s left of that memo, so we’ll never know what event took place on those days.)

Aside: for those of you who too young to know what mimeographing is, check this out for the basic info. But what you can never get from a wiki page is the unique, sort of sickly sweet scent of those pages with their pale purplish ink, fresh off the mimeo machine. Everybody in my generation remembers that!  UPDATE: After a little more searching, I have just learned that what I remember from school was not actually a mimeograph, which used a stencil to force ink onto paper, but a spirit duplicator or “ditto machine”. Fascinating! And my how far we’ve come, technologically.)

First up: a Supper Club dinner on March 11 – with the notation “St. Pat’s Party”. I just remembered that when we were cleaning out the house, we found a little set of vintage paper coasters with leprechauns on them, and some matching paper napkins. I bet they were from this dinner party.


cheese cubes, olives, and onions
chips and California dip
beef tenderloin
green jello w/ cream cheese
chocolate cake and mint ice cream

OK, so I see the green theme here with the green jello and the mint ice cream. I like it.

But I don’t quite get the “cheese cubes, olives, and onions” appetizer. What kind of onions? Oh! Maybe green onions? And green olives?


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