By 1968, with her oldest age 10 and the youngest age 4, Mom was in the thick of things. Entertaining in 1968 was sparse, if we can rely on the notes. Easter dinner was at my maternal Grandma’s house, and Mom took lime & cheese jello.  This concoction doesn’t sound very appetizing, but it must have been decent because it made a second appearance the following year.  Maybe it was something like this one? Or more likely this:


Moldy-looking: Apparently there was a time when lime jello, cheese and tuna belonged on the same plate
Found here: http://ow.ly/A1y3307Ck0l

In February Mom hosted a “Patriotic” dinner for her supper club, serving:

cherry pie

The py-chee-ams I remember well. It was a sandwich made on a hamburger bun, with a slice of canned pineapple, American cheese, and some sliced ham. I imagine it was broiled a little bit to melt the cheese.

And of course the cherry pie was in honor of George Washington, who, according to legend, as a little boy chopped down his father’s cherry tree with his little hatchet and then ‘fessed up to it. Mom used to decorate her cherry pies with little cut-out pie crust hatchets.

Another patriotic sort of meal:

Oct. 12 – Supper Club – Columbus

– snacks
– pizza, spumoni, Monica’s brownies, Dorothy’s lemon bars

Heavy on the desserts there. I guess the Columbus theme was in the Italian dishes, with the pizza and spumoni.  I’m actually a little surprised to see pizza on the menu this early, as I didn’t recall Dad even trying pizza until sometime in the ’70s when his teenage kids were devouring it.

Culture wars note:  in 1968, it was fine to celebrate Columbus Day and not worry about it being politically incorrect. Of course there was no such thing as being politically incorrect back then, either.

The year wraps up with “Thanksgiving here (?)” and “Christmas at Mother’s”.

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