1969: A busy year

This seems to have been a busy year for my folks, in terms of dinner parties. Let’s get started.

Jan. 5  – Bob’s [family] and Grandma
 – hot ham on buns, etc.

Not sure how many of Bob & Mary Ann’s family came for dinner, but they had all 10 kids at this point, with the oldest being around 20 years old.

Jan. 12 – John & Teddy
– pork tenderloin casserole

And there it is again. Not only must this have been a very tasty dish, I’m sure it was fairly quick to put together to have appeared on so many occasions.

Mar. 15 – Supper Club
– stuffed celery, carrots, crackers (no dip)
– rice supreme casserole with ham;  lime & cheese jello; rolls
– chocolate potato cake
– choc. chip mint ice cream

Chocolate potato cake. Hmmmmm. I’m sure the addition of mashed potatoes was the secret ingredient, and I can only trust that it was worth it.

Of course, as I sit here googling some of these recipes, I’m also kicking myself. I threw away most of Mom’s extensive collection of recipes clipped from magazines and newspapers.

You can’t keep everything, right?  Right???

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