1969, continued

Spring brought several dinner parties.

Easter – April 6
Mother & Cor, John & “Teddy” (Mary Dolores), Mrs. Klieforth (Teddy’s mother), Sr. Clement (my Mother’s aunt)
– Burgundy wine
– ham, pineapple garnish
– green bean casserole
– glazed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes
– rolls
– fruit salad, Teddy
– cake, Mother

Sounds delicious! I’m sure I enjoyed it. I can picture us gathered around Mom’s dining room table, set with her beautiful china and crystal.

Wedgewood Devon Sprays
Tiffin-Franciscan Daphne










Another spring celebration:

May 4 – Lawrence’s First Communion
Grandmas, Corine, Maddens

Now by this time she would have had THREE children make their First Communions, but this is the first one featured in her notes.

– orange, banana, and strawberry fruit cup
– sausages, ham
– scrambled eggs
– rolls, Jule Kage
– lamb cake, chocolate cake

The guest list included both Grandmas (both of them widowed for several years by this point), Corine (Mom’s sister), and the Maddens (Uncle Don was Lawrence’s godfather).

What’s interesting about this is that Mom made Jule Kage, or Christmas cake. This was a favorite of mine from childhood; Mom made it for every Christmas breakfast. Not sure why she made it here except that maybe my brother requested it?

And the lamb cake – ah, lamb cake. We still have the antique mold for it, in a wooden box custom-made by my Uncle Bob Mueller. I’ve passed it on to my niece, who already has made one lamb cake and plans to make a couple more in the next few months.


Not the greatest photo, but it does feature the lamb cake (as well as our son and my parents.)


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