1971: January entertaining

Starting off the New Year with guests:

Jan. 2 – Anna & Mart (Dad’s relatives) and Mother (if “Grandma” was my paternal grandmother, then I’m sure “Mother” meant my mom’s mom) – Morrell canned ham, mashed potatoes, cauliflower & peas & carrots, rolls, relishes, custard, frozen raspberries, cookies

Now – the custard. There is such a thing as baked custard, which is delicious, and which my Mom often made. But there is also such a thing as frozen custard, which is totally a Wisconsin thing, and also delicious. It’s a super premium ice cream, with eggs. Yum. You can find at Leon’s and Culver’s and Kopp’s and … well other places around here but I don’t feel like adding more links.

Given that Mom served this particular custard with frozen raspberries, I’d say it was the frozen custard.

About that ham:

morell ham.jpgThat little image comes from a Google search that returned a page from the Malakoff News in Texas, April 9, 1971. So Mom probably paid around $5 for a 5 pound canned ham. And while the Morrell Company seems to still be in business selling hams, it looks like they no longer sell canned hams.

Jan. 9 – Aunt Catherine (Ennis)
– sirloin tip, mashed potatoes, green beans and almonds, raspberry sherbet & blackberries, Dorothy’s lemon cookies

Two dinner parties in one week – wow. But Mom made some fairly simple meals, making it do-able even with four young kids. And of course by this point, we weren’t all that young anymore; I was in 7th grade and no doubt pressed into service to help.

By the way, Aunt Catherine Ennis was my dearest great-aunt. She grew up in the Monches / Richfield / Lake Five Wisconsin area on a farm. Here’s the farmhouse, still standing: 

She never married, though she had a long-term beau – and therein lies a great story for another day. She was 100% Irish with the twinkle in her eye to prove it. She had the most delightful sense of humor, a beaming smile when she greeted you, and always a great big hug. I remember her fondly.



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