1971: Spring !

In the midwest, spring is always a big deal. Even when it’s cold, snowy, or blustery – it’s still spring and we know that eventually warm weather will arrive.

But it hadn’t yet arrived on April 3, 1971: it was only about 20° that day.

So, pretty chilly – but since there was no snow or hail or sleet, Mom and Dad’s “Supper Club” went on as planned. The Supper Club was a group of 4 couples who had known each other since college days, I believe, who got together at each other’s houses for dinner every so often. (I’ve written about their dinner parties a few times before.)

April 3 – Supper Club

Popcorn, cheese dip, crackers
Barbecued hamburger
Perfection salad
Date & Chocolate Chip cake

OK, first, I have to say that popcorn is an interesting choice for appetizer. But I do remember that Mom and Dad had an electric corn popper, and I’m wondering if maybe they wanted to “show off” that new appliance. It might have looked something like this but I couldn’t find one that made me say ‘That’s it!” So this will have to suffice:

Image result for 1960s electric popcorn popper

That happens to be a vintage West Bend model – and the West Bend company is based right here in Wisconsin.

So the rest of the menu: barbecued hamburger was the name Mom used for what we call “Sloppy Joes”. And then – a mid-century masterpiece – Perfection Salad.

First, I have no idea why the word “salad” was ever used to refer to anything made with jello. Second, to call this “perfection” is… well… I’ll be charitable here and just say that tastes certainly have changed.

I do remember Mom making that sort of jello dish quite often. I would have chopped celery, maybe grated carrot, pimentos, and various other things. Mmmmm.

But that date and chocolate chip cake – now that was delicious and I’ve made it myself, on occasion.

Still delicious after all these years.

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