1974: Thanksgiving and Christmas

In 1974, Thanksgiving was the very latest it can be – November 28th – which it will also be this year, 2019.

Wine – Gallo pink chablis – 19-1/2 lb turkey (Kohl’s, 37 cents / lb – $7.20), and a 10 lb. 12 oz turkey that Grandma M. cooked – needed both, some left. Catherine Clark dressing, instant mashed, gravy, cauliflower, peas, corn, cornflakes, olives, cranberries – Grandma – fresh, also jellied – 2 cans, sweet potatoes – Marie S. (Port Royal), roll – 4 pkgs. – Mrs. Conant, 4 pumpkin pies – Mary Ann, mince – Grandma, coffee and decaf.

No mention of how many guests, but I’m thinking it would have been all of Uncle Bob’s family, so, maybe 12, plus the other relatives mentioned, as well as those I know were there even though not listed, plus us. So let’s say about 23 to 25 or so.

Gallo wine… pink chablis… ah, here we go. The perfect cheesey 70s commercial to go with a cheesey 70s wine:

And this? Even cheesier!

But what’s this – no green bean casserole?? Strange.

Christmas at Corine’s – took pickled peaches (home-grown), celery sticks and own rolls.

Ah, those peaches! I remember well how delicious those pickled home-canned peaches were. And yes, they came from our own backyard trees. Mom’s inspiration for that was from her own Mom and Dad, who planted peach trees in their backyard on Superior Street in Bay View.

And that wraps up 1974.

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