1975: Friends, neighbors, family

The year started off with a party for two of my parents’ closest friends: Joe and Ann Esser. Tragically, at some point during the 1990’s, the couple was killed in a head-on car collision. My mother felt the loss deeply.

Anyway –
Jan. 5 – Essers – pink chablis wine [probably Gallo again!], ham (8 lbs), twice-baked potatoes, green bean casserole, pickled peaches, carrot and celery sticks, own brown ‘n serve rolls, vanilla ice cream, cookies, and fruit cake.

Sounds delicious! Except for maybe that Gallo wine. But otherwise, I would enjoy that meal very much today. Especially mom’s pickled peaches and home-baked rolls.

Later that same day –
Evening – Kanitzes – wine, soda, cookies & fruitcake.

The Kanitzes were neighbors who lived “up the block”, on the other side of the alley that ran down the middle. They had two boys – and oddly enough, just yesterday, I talked to one of them! I’d called to say hello to my brother, and Mark was over at his house. Haven’t talked to him in probably 40 years. And now – coincidentally – I’m writing about a dinner party from 44 years ago when he and his parents were at our house.

Very nice family.

Jan. 12 – Sr. Clement [her paternal aunt]- beef roast, twice-baked potatoes, carrots & beans, applesauce, angel food cake, ice cream, and peach (home).

Not sure I understand what Mom meant by “ice cream and peach (home).”  Hmmmm. Anyway, we can see that twice-baked potatoes were very popular in the ’70s. And I think this is the first mention of beef roast! Must have been expensive back then, compared to ham or chicken or even pork tenderloin. Besides, beef roast can be tricky to get just right, not too rare, not too overdone, not chewy.

Easter – Corine here – ham with orange sauce, double baked potatoes, cauliflower, peas & carrots, cornflakes, fruit salad, relishes (Cor), rolls, blitz torte (Corine), pink chablis wine.

So – pink chablis was the wine of choice this decade, I guess. Also I notice that there is just one wine – take it or leave it.

And blitz torte for dessert – interesting! Don’t recall ever having it. Maybe something like this one?

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